About Us

Unlike proffesional football agencies that focus on representing professional players, we focus on connecting amateur players with local teams and leagues. We can offer a variety of services to facilitate the process of finding a team or league to play with, such as:

Team and league search: Help players find teams and leagues that fit their interests and skills. This can include teams of different levels, from beginners to more advanced and competitive teams.

Advice: Provide advice and guidance to players on different aspects, such as legal and administrative issues, requirements to join a team, training and development options, among others.

Match and tournament organization: We can organize matches and tournaments for players to compete and improve their skills in a safe and regulated environment.

Promotion and advertising: We help teams and leagues promote and advertise themselves to attract new players and sponsors.

In summary, we are an option for those players who are looking to join local football teams and leagues, either for fun or to improve their skills in the sport.